Bio & Personal Life

I was born in July of 1985, and was raised by my single mother, along with my slightly older brother, who is one of my closest friends. I grew up watching Christian TV here and there, but never knew much about God or the Bible.

My mom bought me my first Bible when I was about 12 years old, and I loved it. I read some of it, and when I was a teenager I designed a Christian website called God's Faithful Servants. I struggled with my faith, as I didn't have any concrete beliefs; I just knew the Bible was true. I had numerous spiritual experiences, some of them were quite terrifying.

When I was 17 years old, I made a mistake. I married someone I barely knew, and spent 8 years in a very unhappy marriage that ended in unfaithfulness (not me, but him). When I was 26, I moved in with my mom for about a year. During that time I met a man whom I married in May of 2013. He and I have two beautiful children together (I had no children from my previous marriage).

For several years, it was a struggle for me to keep my faith in God. My firstborn child, Benjamin, was diagnosed with severe autism and having the mind of a baby. It was heart-breaking for our family, but I knew that Christ is the Healer and through faith in Him my son would be set free from autism. So, on and off for several years that's what kept me continuing to listen to sermons on healing and faith, even though I had backslidden spiritually.

In the Spring of 2018, my daughter was born. I was very blessed to have both a son and a daughter, and they are my only children.

In early 2020, I turned back to God. There were several strange things that happened that year, not just in the world with the pandemic but in my own life. You can hear more about those things in my video series.

More Recently...

I have always desired to serve God, but never knew exactly what to do, and always worried about the reaction I'd get should I get out and minister to other people. My biggest testimony is the diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, which changed my entire life. I'd been a believer in divine healing for years, and claimed it for myself. I suffered from cancer for seven months before finally going to the hospital when I started struggling to breathe. It was then that I was told that according to medical science, I wouldn't be alive much longer. That shook my world.

My initial response was mixed. I knew God is the Great Physician, and according to the Holy Bible, Jesus already took our sicknesses and diseases upon Himself. All I had to do was believe. But, because of the shock of it all, being the mother of two young children, and being treated like a dying woman, my faith was very weak. I was told that the cancer was very advanced. It started as a large lump in my right breast which I'd assumed was merely a cyst that would eventually disappear. Then it spread to my lungs, heart border, and even into my bones. I had multiple break downs during a three day hospital stay.

One night, while in my hospital bed, I had all kinds of negative thoughts racing through my mind. I envisioned my children without me, and I'd cry. I saw my husband saying to them, "If only mommy could see this". And I wept. Finally, it occurred to me. I'd literally spent hundreds, probably thousands of hours listening to teachings on divine healing. I knew what to do. Not only that, but there was a book called The Fourth Dimension by Dr. David Yonggi Cho that God spoke to my heart one day about getting. I didn't know who Dr. Cho was, but the Lord specifically told me to get that book, so I did.

I remember that night, and I don't know if it was my own thoughts or the Holy Spirit, but empowering thoughts began pouring into my mind. "This is what you've been prepared for. You've been in training for this for years, and you know what to do. This is war, and you know how to fight and win." I suddenly felt encouraged and determined to conquer. It wasn't always easy to stay in faith, but I fought the fight of faith and God healed me.

Why I Designed This Website

After getting the news from a doctor in February of 2022 that I was expected to die from stage 4 cancer, I pledged my life to God and chose to dedicate the rest of my life to Kingdom business. I was called to youth ministry when I was about 20 years old, and never truly pursued it. I've spent probably thousands of hours studying and learning on the topic of divine healing, and have some past experience in it, so I knew I could receive divine healing from our Creator without a problem.

Since I have this experience in divine healing, I feel it's important for me to devote quite a bit of time to praying and using divine healing faith and authority for the sake of those suffering with illnesses. It's only practical that I have a website where I can be reached, and also to use as a tool to teach others about God, divine healing, and whatever topics the Holy Spirit directs me to teach on.

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