What Is Christianity?

True Christianity is making Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of your life, while making the humble decision to truly give your life to God. One of the most important things we need to do when becoming a born again child of God is to surrender to God, and be a willing vessel to be used for Heavenly work in this world.

Christianity was never meant to become an effortless social club of like-minded people. It's the rescue ship for all people to be saved from evil and eternal death. There has been some very dangerous and FALSE teachings taught by some preachers who are publicly recognized as devout Christians but in reality are not. These teachings include the sadly popular "Once saved, always saved" idea.

To truly be a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ), living a life that parallels the holy scriptures of the Bible is necessary.

Genuine Fellowship With Jesus Christ


Be Filled With The Holy Spirit


Faithful & Steadfast


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